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    EntangledQuery is a Q&A platform designed for the global quantum computing community to share, learn and grow. Every question you asked or answered is a valuable contribution to the quantum community‘s knowledge. Register today, and let’s push quantum computing forward!

    • We also organize quantum computation discussion groups - our recent topic is “participate in the IBM Quantum Challenge together, and get help from each other”. Join us via:

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  • Nov. 6, 2021, 3:24 a.m.

    EntangledQuery Code of Conduct

    Overview and Purpose

    EntangledQuery is devoted to create an open, inclusive and global Q&A platform for quantum developers, through continuous improvement and enforcement of our code of conduct.

    The purpose of the code of conduct is to ensure a safe, respectful and welcoming environment for all individuals in this platform, regardless of roles, personal identities and level of expertise. By participating in EntangledQuery, you are agreeing to comply with the code of conduct by entangledquery.com.

    Our Expectations

    Always be courteous.
    Mutual respect is the foundation for building an inclusive community.

    When posting, be concise, constructive and fact-based.
    Be considerate to others’ time and efforts for reading through your contents. Concise,constructive and fact-based communications can improve the efficiency of the whole community.

    When reading, be open to different opinions and exercise your right to upvote good contents.
    Only through the collective intelligence of the community, we can make EntangledQuery a better place than when it was founded.


    Good behaviors can foster a strong community. Below is an incomplete list of behavior standards that serves as a collection of examples to interpret the community values for the judgement between good and unacceptable behaviors.

    Be considerate, not condescending.
    Participants of EntangledQuery are from various nationalities, educational background and all levels of expertise. Not everyone is fluent in English, and certainly none of us speaks native quantum language. Try to understand others and ask for clarity if necessary.
    Good example: Provide comprehensive answers, or point others to relevant references with respectful language.
    Bad example: “This is an entry-level question. You could simply go read the source code.”

    Break down the problem, not complicate it.
    Some problems could be convoluted. Help break them down into simple, easy-to-understand pieces, instead of making them more complicated.
    Good example: “This question is related to two aspects: 1) the randomness in the quantum state measurement; 2) the errors from the quantum computer. Here is my understanding.”
    Bad example: “This problem is discussed in the following papers. You should take a look.”

    Focus on the contents, not the person.
    We welcome participants from various social background and personal identity, regardless of age, personal appearance, disability, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, body size, nationality, race, religion, caste, or sexual identity and orientation. For everyone to feel equal and welcomed, the best approach is to be content centric. Do not use terms which make others feel personal. We do not tolerate any type of harassment.

    Responsibility and Enforcement

    EntangledQuery is a platform built for the community and run by the community. Every member in the community is responsible for upholding, reinforcing and continuously improving the code of conduct. All participants in EntangledQuery are expected to respect the code of conduct and report violations, when engaging with EntangledQuery in any aspect.

    If you observe any unacceptable behaviors in EntangledQuery, please report it.

    For unacceptable behaviors, administrators of EntangledQuery will take actions in a case-by-case basis, based on their best judgement and according to the code of conduct. Actions include, but not limited to:
    Content editing
    Content removal
    Account freezing
    Account removal

    The administrators’ behaviors and judgement are under the scrutiny by all members of EntangledQuery. The community counsel exercises the right to reinforce the code of conduct among the administrators on behalf of the members of the community.


    Please contact us via entangledquery@gmail.com including but not limited to the following situations:
    Report unacceptable behaviors
    Report unfair judgements
    * Propose ideas about improving the code of conduct
    Together, let’s make EntangledQuery an open, inclusive and global platform for all quantum developers.